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Multi-Interest Day Educational Program (MID)

Join us select Wednesdays from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm for Sisterhood's Multi-Interest Day educational program! The following courses are offered over the course of two, 14-week semesters from October 10, 2018 through May 22, 2019. 

Course Catalogue:

Sex, Sex, Sex: It’s thanks to sex that we even got here! Our Jewish wisdom tradition has an awful lot to say about sex and sexuality; from the legislative aspect, the emotional impact, the physical consequences, to the spiritual meaning. Together we shall examine how our Jewish sexual ethics and practices have blossomed over time and how our views on sexuality have developed. And please come to class with all the questions you’ve ever had but were too afraid to ask! Because guess what? Rabbi Yarkin is NOT afraid to tackle them! Rabbi Jessica Yarkin currently serves as Associate Rabbi at Adat Ari El. She attended the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies at the American Jewish University where she was ordained. She interned at Adat Ari El before ordination and returned as a pulpit rabbi a few years later.

12 Stories that Shaped the World: (continued from last year) The Bible is the bestselling book in the world every single year! And yet there are so many stories that lie within of which we are unaware. In this class, we will continue to explore the remaining twelve of the Bible’s most interesting, insightful, and curious stories in order to appreciate what they teach and the influence they exerted. Rabbi Jonathan Bernhard is Senior Rabbi at Adat Ari El where he has led the congregation for many years. Rabbi Bernhard attended the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York and is a native New Yorker. We are delighted that Rabbi Bernhard will continue teaching us about Torah and other texts in his enthusiastic, sensitive, and thought-provoking manner.

Ketuvim- The Writings: In this class we will discuss the books of the third section of the Hebrew Bible. We will read selections from the Psalms and Proverbs and examine Job, The Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, Esther, and Daniel. We will talk about the historical context of each book and discuss how it advances the theological views of the rabbis. This class is both informative and fun. Join us for many lively discussions. Rabbi Mark Goodman serves as a spiritual leader at Valley Beth Israel in Sun Valley, California. He has taught Jewish History classes at the American Jewish University and is an Adjunct Professor at Los Angeles Valley College where he teaches Jewish History and Religion. He earned his B.A. in English from UCLA, obtained an M.A. in Jewish Studies and Rabbinics, and received his ordination at the Academy of Jewish Religion as a Cantor and Rabbi. He is currently completing his doctorate in Jewish Studies from the Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies.

Speaker Series:

  1. “Brain Fitness” (Ingrid Horowitz) Through our own efforts we can improve the power of our brain. No one is ever too old to do this! We will discuss and practice cognitive resources which means storing new information. We will discuss tips and strategies for maintaining attentiveness and focus in both old and new situations. Most of all, we will have fun while learning! Ingrid will provide us with three sessions.
  2. “Travelogue” (Rosalee Pechersky) Experience travel to South American and Northern Europe, Greece, and Turkey through the eyes of one of our own MID mavens who loves to travel around the world. This will be a PowerPoint presentation full of colorful sights to behold. Several travel sessions will be given.
  3. Guest speakers on an array of subjects  

Writing Club:  Susie Katz will facilitate the members of the class in writing their never-to-be forgotten memories and experiences. This class has been ongoing for many years.

Mah Jongg at M.I.D.: We have the tables and coffee. Bring your own group or form a new one. Please bring your own sets. Mah Jongg will be available whenever classes are not scheduled.

Weekly Schedule:  

Semester 1: October 10, 2018 – January 30, 2019

Semester 2: February 6, 2019 – May 22, 2019

1st Period (10:00 am – 11:00 am)

  • Ketuvim – The Writings with Rabbi Goodman (both semesters)

2nd Period: (11:10 am – 12:10 am)

  • Sex, Sex, Sex with Rabbi Yarkin (first semester)
  • 12 Stories that Shaped the World (second semester)

Lunch: (12:10 pm – 1:00 pm)

 Bring your own parve or dairy lunch. Coffee and tea will be served.

3rd Period: (1:00 pm – 2:00 pm)

  • Afternoon program – A Speaker Series (both semesters)
  • Writing Club with Susie Katz (both semesters)
  • Mah Jongg at MID (both semesters)


  •  Sisterhood Members: $54
  •  Men: $54   
  • Non-Members: $72

To register, please contact us at (818) 766-9426


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