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Adult Education

Committed to ensuring that our members can access the deep wisdom of our tradition, Adat Ari El provides many, varied learning opportunities for adults in our community to grow their souls.  We offer a wide range of opportunities weekly, monthly, and seasonally. Classes can be on campus, on-line, or via podcasts (coming soon). We invite you to become a life long learner! Check out our latest offerings below. 

OUR CURRENT CLASSES                                                         

Shabbat Shiur- 9:00am - 9:30am
Taught by our Clergy
Wynn Meeting Room

A pre-services Shabbat study session led by the rabbis and/or rabbinic interns This year we are reading (in English!) the "6th book of the Torah" - the scroll of Joshua, that tells of the Israelites' conquests as they enter the land of Israel and the growing pains of a new nation. No need to have attended previous classes; each incident is thrilling and insightful in its own right!
Every Shabbat morning from 10/6/18 until 6/8/19.

Mishnah Monday- 12:00pm - 12:30pm
Taught by Rabbi Bernhard

A weekly, online and interactive discussion on the Mishnah of Brachot/Blessings. This course requires a computer and internet connection.
Every Monday from 10/15/2018 until 5/20/2019 with the exception of holidays. Click here to register.

Torah on Tuesday- 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Taught by Rabbi Bernhard
Wynn Meeting Room

Join us as we explore the Book of Exodus through the lens of traditional Jewish commentators. Each week we will look at different commandments and laws, see what they reveal about the Torah’s values, and discuss if and how those values may, or may not, be relevant for us today.
Every Tuesday from 10/16/18 until 5/21/19 with the exception of holidays.

Mindful Meditation- 7:30pm
Taught by Diego Gesualdi
Deiber Chapel

Explore the practice of meditation and open the Five Doors of Breathing, Body, Heart, Mind and Soul to heal your being. In these classes you will learn different techniques to enhance your awareness.
Six Wednesdays, May 8 through June 12
Click Here to register.

Talmud Time Travel- 1:00pm
Taught by Cheryl Stone
Deiber Chapel

Ever wonder what life was like for a rabbi 2000 years ago? Ever ponder about who were some of the great minds that would shape the future of Judaism? Join us as we explore the life and times of a few key figures of the rabbinic world of the Talmud. Purchase the book that complements the class: A Bride for One Night: Talmud Tales here at Barnes and Noble or here at Amazon. 

Please read the following before the first class:

  • The Introduction and Imaginative Map, and
  • The Other Side, Page 15 through 30.

Three Saturdays, May 18, 25, and June 1
Click Here to register.

Becoming a Member

Becoming a Member

Members of Adat Ari El enjoy a full range of social, spiritual and educational activities.

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